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Shire Horse Challenge
Alan Sleat completed his Shire Horse Challenge at the Festival of Food and Farming at Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre, Peterborough on Sunday 14th September 2008 - congratulations to Alan and all those who made it happen.

All the money raised on the day and through sponsorshipp went to Lighthouse Trust (Northampton). You can check out the video in the 'Fundraising' section.

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Lighthouse Trust Team
It's all about team work, team work...

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Special Projects
Lighthouse gets involved in supporting the needs of the community and will produce projects that support those needs

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Fundraising Opportunities
These are just some of the ways in which supporters have helped raise money for the work of the trust - maybe you could think up some others and let us know what you could do to help fundraise for Lighthouse!

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School Assemblies
Lighthouse Trust presents assemblies for both primary and secondary schools to support their programme throughout the year - for example, the SEAL programme for primary schools which highlights themes and values for every month of the school year.

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